Play Chess Against the Computer

When Computer Chess Online was first opened a central idea was that it should provide chess enthusiasts with a free and easily accessible means to train and improve their tactical knowledge and experience. The method used to implement this aim was to provide a free online chess game in which the human player could play for an unlimited amount of time against a computer opponent that would never get bored by the same variations, or upset if a player wanted to take back a blunder.  To this end we provided a fairly simple flash chess game that allowed beginning players to do just this.  Of course over time beginners skill levels improve as their mastery of the game of chess increases.  It has become increasingly apparent that the time was due to implement a new and better solution for the original aim.

Play Chess Online Against Computer Opponents

chess board and piecesA few days ago we launched a new chess game, but did so in quite a muted manner as it was necessary to take the time to see how well it performed for users of this site. There was clearly no need to take down the old page as many people will have bookmarked it already and may in fact prefer the old game. However, now we are satisfied that the new game performs well it is time to give it a bit more prominence.  This link will take you to our new page to play chess against computer opponents.  The new chess game is stronger and also allows for online human versus human play.  Overall, I believe it offers a better experience for all types of player.

Other Game Feedback

While listening to feedback we have received over the original chess game a few other things became apparent.  Some players were reporting “bugs” that actually weren’t.  Specifically that the game would not let them castle, or that the game was performing illegal captures using pawns.  An experienced player will probably recognise just from this description that in fact a player could not castle either because they had already moved a king or rook, the proposed move would require moving across a threatened square or similar.  Likewise with the pawn captures, many players have not heard of en passant and so the computer moves appear to break the rules.  While it was never my intention to provide online chess tutorials here at computer chess online it is perhaps time that I provide some basic instruction on the rules of the game in an effort to reduce gamers frustration at what they believe to be cheating by the computer.

The Future for Computer Chess Online

In the coming weeks and months we will therefore be providing a very basic tutorial on how to play the game of chess with diagrams where appropriate. It is my hope that this will dispel some of issues arising for visitors to this site and allow everyone to grow in strength as chess players.