Play Chess Against Computer

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When Computer Chess Online was first opened a central idea was that it should provide chess enthusiasts with a free and easily accessible means to train and improve their tactical knowledge and experience. The method used to implement this aim was to provide a free online chess game in which the human player could play for an unlimited amount of time against a computer opponent that would never get bored … Continue reading

Rybka Stripped of World Chess Champion Titles

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For many years now the top name in computer chess has been Rybka.  The program has previously swept all before it and it has won many, many titles.  However there has always been a certain amount of controversy surrounding Rybka and it looks as though that controversy is about to get ugly.  According to the Washington Times, Rybka and Mr Vasik Rajilich have been stripped of their ICGA (International Computer … Continue reading


Easy Chess Games for Kids

Fritz 12 Box

Chess is a great game to develop strategic thinking, but as a parent how can it be broken down into manageable chunks for a young child? Perhaps some easy chess games for kids would help out with the teaching process? If the child is of reading age then perhaps a book to teach chess might be useful, or perhaps for the parent too?  There are of course many options and … Continue reading


Jim Abletts Free Chess Engine Site has Moved

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For those that might not know, Jim Ablett maintains an excellent webpage containing a wide variety of computer chess engines. All of the chess programs are free downloads and hosted through his good nature and a cooperative webhost.  The thanks of computer chess online goes out to you Jim. What also might not be commonly known is that whenever the code for these free chess engines is publicly available Jim … Continue reading

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Learning to Play Chess Online Against Computer Opponents

chessboard and pieces

Is it possible to learn to play chess online against computer opponents?  Some players dislike the style with which computers play chess, but there is no doubting the tactical strength of their play. Players under 2000 Elo stand to learn a great deal by improving their tactical awareness and this is definitely an area in which a computer can help. The other significant area in which a computer can help … Continue reading